The Specifics Of Playing Cards

Most people around the world are familiar with playing cards one way or another. It can start out really young playing a simple game of UNO, rummy and so on to investing your bucks at a top malaysia online casino or even V3Casino. You can even visit this page if you would prefer sport betting and slot games.

Even if you’re a master player or just a casual one, learning to play cards is utmost important if you want to bond with others. Cards have been around for longer than you think and it’s easy to look past them for now.

So, let’s look more into the details of what makes cards what they are and where they come from.

  • History

While still being a hot topic debated by many among us, playing cards was said to be established in China during the 9th century. During the Tang Dynasty, usage of woodblock cards which consists of 30 decks was what used to play ‘the leaf game’.

Over the years, the play was recognized by more people around the world and was adapted by many in various ways. 

  • Why 52 cards per deck?

Have you ever wondered how one came to the conclusion that a deck must comprise a total of 52 cards? Well, over the centuries the total number of decks keeps changing. It varies from 24, 30, 36, 40, 48 and the rest is history.

However, the most common total used around the world is 52 hence why it has been standardized till this day without knowing the actual reason except it is due to the British and French colonialism effect on the play of cards.

  • Card Characters Are Based On Real People

If you ever came across a 52 deck french card and guessed that some of its faces looked familiar and speculated who it was, you’re probably right.

These cards were created during the 16th century and some were based on or inspired from famous figures from history.

If you take a peek closely, you can see

  • Julius Caesar – King of Diamonds
  • Charlemagne – King of Hearts
  • David from The Bible – King of Spades
  • Alexander the Great – King of Clubs
  • Athena – Queen of Spade
  • Judith from The Bible – Queen of Hearts 

And many more. 

  • Cards Helped Soldiers Escape From Captivity

During WWII, the Americans were looking for a way to help their soldiers who were imprisoned by the Germans in a camp. With an unexpected union from the British Intelligence and The United States Playing Card Company, they came up with a way to imprint an escape route on the card decks to be given to prisoners of wars during the time.

These playing cards would show the hidden route to safety when dipped into water and peeling apart the layers hence helping those prisoners escape. 

These decks were said to save at least 32 people from escaping from the Colditz Castle and countless more escape attempts. Up until now, the confirmation of total decks used remained unknown but the replica of it is sold all around the world.

  • Cards Are Pure Plastic For A Reason

When it comes to deck cards, there’s some reasons why they’re made from 100% plastic and it is purely because of an anti-cheating measure.

Rather than paper cards that were used during the olden days, the current plastic cards are crucially more difficult to crease or fold hence why casinos nowadays used them in order to prevent cheating.

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